KDP Free Promotion Service

After you write your book, do you set up your KDP Free Days then sweat about how many people will actually download your book?

The truth is that KDP Select isn’t as powerful as it once was. With more competition for eyeballs, it is sometimes difficult to get your book seen and downloaded, so that HOPEFULLY you can get a few book reviews.

Not only that, we want a lot of people to download our book on its free days, so that our books can rank better in Amazon’s search results, when the book returns to paid status.

Just recently, I told you about a promotion that Ryan Leonard did that netted him 10,000 downloads for his book in just two days. And when his book returned to paid status, his book remained in the Top 100 Paid for a few more days.

Even though that service he used looked good when we looked at “download numbers”, a lot of people were concerned that there was something shady with that deal, simply because the vendors would not tell us where they promoted our books. Behind the scenes, some have questioned whether they were using a bot network to get those downloads.

Honestly, I don’t know if they were legit or shady. All I knew is that the download numbers were there, AND they would never tell us the source of their traffic.

It is hard to know if something is legit or not, when the mechanics are all hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

This is why I feel so much better about the service I am going to tell you about here…

My friend, Di Heuser, has created a new book promotion service… She tells you exactly what she is going to do for you, AND once the job is done, she tells you exactly where the magic was done…

With her new KDP Free book promotion service, she is going to submit your book announcements to:

* 50+ book promotion sites;
* 6 FaceBook pages and groups ( target audience of over 13,000 people) ;
* Tweet on every day of Free Promotion;
* Book Cover on Pinterest;
* Her Weekly Listmania;
* Her Weekly PDF book list that will be mailed to subscribers;
* Di’s book promotion blog.

If you wanted to, you could do all of this yourself… But if you are like me, you might rather be writing than marketing…

To be honest, if I did for myself what Di is going to do for me, I might spend 3-4 hours to submit each book announcement myself…

If you have the 3-4 hours to spare, then by all means, you should do the promotion of your books by yourself… But, if you don’t want to spend those hours doing the book marketing yourself, you should seriously check out Di’s book promotion service!

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Bill Platt