The idea of uploading your books to the Kindle store is only scary, because you have never done it before...

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This product exists ONLY for those folks who have never uploaded a book manuscript to the Kindle website or those who are intimidated about the Kindle Upload process.

If you want to see the entire process involved in uploading a book to Kindle, before you do it yourself, then you will find this guide to be a huge help to you.

It will also be attractive to people who outsource their publishing processes and want ready-made instructions to give to their virtual assistants.

"Kindle Books 101: Uploading Your Manuscript To The Marketplace" is a 25-page PDF that will show you the entire process of uploading a book to Kindle, step-by-step, with loads of specific images, like the one shown below, to help you see the process in its entirety.

kindle books 101

Notice: If you have previously purchased the product titled, "Kindle Placement Cheat Sheet", then you already have this information in hand.

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