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Introducing the
Kindle Clone Method
Kindle Clone Method 2014

In this 35-page PDF, you’ll see how a Kindle author makes big money publishing ebooks using the Kindle publishing secrets he has learned through his personal experience and other tricks-of-the trade, like:

  • Why most Kindle authors do the exact OPPOSITE of what it takes to sell hundreds of copies of an ebook.
  • Why competition is actually a GOOD thing.
  • The TRUTH about original products. Why most new, original, or “revolutionary” products (like ebooks) fail miserably and leave the writer flat broke.
  • Niches that make your competition IRRELEVANT.
  • Amazon’s sales rank can't be trusted! Where to find the ebooks that are REALLY selling by the truckload.
  • How to track exactly how many times an ebook sells (even if it is not your book). Page 10 reveals the secret.
  • A simple technique for uncovering better and more in-depth research.
  • These “crystal balls” reveal the exact information readers want to buy. The magic can be found on page 12.
  • Seven questions tell you how to beat best-selling books: Spot their weaknesses, fill the gaps they leave, and take almost all their buyers and royalties!
  • Turn complaints, rants, even vile, nasty comments into cold hard cash!
  • How “role playing” can help you make better products! Page 14 demonstrates how you can put this idea into action.
Keep It Simple, Seriously

Take a look inside the “Kindle Clone Method” right now and learn:

  • When less is more. Why making an ebook more simple could skyrocket sales through the roof! See page 15 right now.
  • Devilish pricing trick used by best-selling fiction and non-fiction authors turns one sale into five, increases profits by at least 50%, and gets readers hooked on your content.
  • Why the idea behind your book — the angle or “spin” you put on it — can be more important than the content inside it!
  • How to write titles that showcase your “big idea” — You can write titles like “The Four Hour Workweek” and “The Millionaire Fastlane.” The tips for creating an outstanding book title start on page 19.
  • How to use the “Zeignerik Effect” to anchor your title in the reader's mind. This is such a powerful writing tool that the reader won't be able to resist buying your book!
  • Why readers DO judge a book by it's cover… and how to get a professional, polished cover without needing to hire a high-dollar, professional designer.
  • Why conventional ecovers will KILL your sales and what to use instead. Page 24.
  • FREE software creates professional covers for you… and it's not GIMP. See page 29.
  • Having zero book reviews is like an empty parking lot… it's a BIG warning to potential customers. Four ways to get your book reviewed are on page 33.

p.s. To sweeten this deal, I am also throwing in a Kindle template that you can use in Microsoft Word or Libre Office to construct your ebook. (.docx format)

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