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Book Marketing Secret Sauce

Why do people buy books? What can you do to help people make the decision to purchase your book?

There are certain needs readers have to help them to decide on a particular book title, no matter whether it is a fiction or nonfiction book.

Once you understand why people buy, you will know how to create book descriptions and social media promotions that will help YOU sell more books.

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Hypnotic Book Descriptions

There is a certain art to writing book descriptions that will almost force people to click the buy button on your books.

In this 52-page PDF, I will first break down the psychology behind why people buy. Then I will show you how to put that information to work selling your books.

Fiction book descriptions are covered independently from nonfiction book descriptions and activity book descriptions, but once you have gone through this training, you will know exactly how to write your book description in a way that more people will want to buy your books.

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Book Promotion Made Simple

There is nothing really hard about promoting your books. I know selling scares a lot of authors, but when you set up your promotions correctly, you aren't really "selling" your books, but rather giving people the opportunity to buy your books.

The process behind book promotion is simply the act of placing content that has the potential and probability of introducing new readers to your book, giving them an opportunity to click a link to learn more about your book.

In this 46-page PDF, I am going to show you several methods you can use to introduce your books to more readers, giving your books the opportunity to be considered by more potential buyers.

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Easy Book Promotion Mastery

More important than where to promote your books is how to promote your books in a way that will have a long-term impact on your sales.

THIS is what best-selling authors know that you should know also...

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Book Promotion Fire Hose

In order to get your ebooks into libraries, you often need respected reviewers telling librarians about your books.

The free service described in this training will allow you to bypass the need for you to pay high-priced reviewers to get your books into libraries across the U.S. and around the world.

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Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors

Two of the most difficult challenges faced by book authors is earning the trust of readers and getting the word out about their books.

In this 45-page PDF, I am going to teach you how to conquer both challenges in one fell swoop.

This method does require a bit of advanced foot work ahead of your book promotion, but it also has the ability to take on a life of its own, generating lots of additional word-of-mouth advertising for your books.

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Easy Social Book Promotion

Social media holds a lot of promise for most authors, simply because your fans may share information about your books with their friends and neighbors.

Free word-of-mouth advertising has the very real potential of making your books very popular.

But in order to really take advantage of this opportunity, you really need to understand why people share and what they like to share with their online friends.

In this 74-page PDF, I will break it all down for you, so that you can easily copy the strategies used by those who have been successful using social media to promote themselves and their books.

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Author Memes Software

Should you choose to use social media to promote you and your books online, you may find it very useful to create your own Internet memes.

This software will allow you to create those memes in just under twenty seconds, once you know the image you are going to use and the text that you want to accompany it.

The software has nearly 800 images and several hundred genre-specific book quotes included within the package.

With a one-time fee, you will receive a lifetime license -- as defined by my lifetime.

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3D Cover Creator Software

This very easy-to-use software will let you convert a flat book cover to a 3D book cover in just a few minutes.

There are only three required steps, and some options available.

See the screen shots at the link below...

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The Kindle Clone Method (updated for 2014)

This product explains a content creation method that built eight best-selling Kindle ebooks!

Six-step "Kindle Clone Method" helps you churn out Kindle books on-demand that sell well -- without any need to resort to using PLR Content.

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Dynamic Kindle Marketing

Work Smarter!!! Not Harder!!!
Reap The Rewards For Years To Come!!!

  • Uncover a Really Powerful Free Promotion Strategy that Will Increase Sales for both Best-Selling Authors and New Authors; Plus...
  • Understand 3 Marketing Tools That Most Publishers Already Use, But Could Use Better... Examples Are Shown and Explained...
  • Discover How To Turn a Few Extra Steps Into Huge Financial Rewards with Long-Term Results...
  • And Much, Much More...

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Leverage Author Central

"If You Can Talk About Yourself, I Can Show You How To Sell More Books!"

In the mext 3 to 5 Days, you can begin to increase sales for all your Amazon books just by being friendly & pleasant... Here's exactly what to do...

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How to Get Your First Book Published on CreateSpace

Learn how to create an entirely new income stream of royalties TWO-TO-THREE times larger than you currently have... In less than one evening... By giving your readers another purchase option...

All you do is turn your ebook into a physical book. In many cases, but not every case, you'll make more royalties AND keep the same profit margin (because it won't cost you any money out-of-pocket).

Inside of "How to Get Your First Book Published on CreateSpace," you will learn how to prepare and publish your books using CreateSpace for your Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing needs.

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Self-Publish With Smashwords

R.L. Mathewson – a self-published New York Time's Best-Selling Author (as of August 5th, 2012) who Apple iBookstore calls "a break out author" – is now saying...

"I've decided to distribute all future books solely through Smashwords."

Successful author, Ruby Barnes, says "Ignore Smashwords at your peril."

What does this little company have going for them that authors don't see in other publishing platforms? Let's hear from the authors themselves...

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Kindle Books 101:
Uploading Your Manuscript To The Marketplace

This is a 25-page PDF that will show you the entire process of uploading a book to Kindle, step-by-step, with detailed images.

This product has been made available for those folks who have never uploaded a book manuscript to the Kindle website or those who are intimidated about the Kindle Upload process.

If you want to see the entire process involved in uploading a book to Kindle, before you do it yourself, then you will find this guide to be a huge help to you.

It will also be attractive to people who outsource their publishing processes and want ready-made instructions to give to their virtual assistants.

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