We Usually Get ONE CHANCE To Make A Good First Impression

In the dating game, they say that we only get one chance to make a “good first impression” — our window for opportunity may be only 30 seconds.

But as a book seller, our window of opportunity is far less!! In fact, we generally get no more than a glance to make a “good first impression“.

What do the following four Amazon book titles have in common?


If you didn’t catch it, all four books are strong sellers in the Amazon marketplace, and all four have book covers that beg you to read more about the book.

Often times, the only chance you have to convince someone to buy your book is the book cover that will convince someone to read your book title and your book description.

The fact is that you can have the best book title in the world, and you can have a really compelling book description that will convince people to buy your book, but if people never see your book title or book description, those items will fail to deliver an audience or buyers for your book.

Think about how you navigate the book sales pages in Amazon

Your future customers likely navigate Amazon in the exact same way that you do…

As for myself, I try to look at the book titles alone, but I would be lying if I said that attractive book covers help seal the deal for me.

How about you?