945 Books Sold in a Book's First Month
Resulted in #1 in Several Sub-Genres
And a Top 500 Book in all of Amazon!
Experienced Best-Selling Authors Know
That The Secret to Respectable Book Sales
Hinges On External Book Promotion Activities

Why is it other authors seem able to release best-selling books on-demand, while you have to struggle to find people to notice your books?

What makes someone a best seller?

Why do those people sell more books than you do?

If you have written a good book, why aren't people buying it?

If people need to "discover your books", how can you make that happen?

How are people going to discover your books if no one is actually buying your book?

Why does it take some darned long for your books to get the attention they need to start selling?

Are you wasting your time chasing sales for a book that will never sell?

All are good questions indeed.

Are those authors successful because they had connections that you will never have on your side?


Do they have skills that you do not have?

Maybe, but not likely.

Do they know something that you don't know?

Absolutely yes... They do...

Best-Selling Authors Do Know
Something That You Don't Know

Best-selling authors know how to get attention for their books.

They know what to do, and they know how to do it.

They know how to get that word-of-mouth working for their books.

They know how to turn on the tap and flood their book's sales pages with people excited to make a purchase.

They know how to tell the story of their books...

They know how to get people to click the buy button for their books.

And they know that their book's sales page is actually the last step in their sales process, not the only step...

More Important Than Where To Promote
Is How To Promote Your Books

Where to promote our books is always changing.

What worked a year ago may not work today, and what was once worthless is now a powerful place to promote your books.

For a number of years, Bookbub was all the rage... These days, not so much.

I have had great luck with other websites over the years -- sites that could produce outstanding results almost immediately. But these days, they are not as worthwhile as they once were.

There is one site I could rely on for a significant shot in the arm for my business a decade ago. That site has lost nearly 70% of its audience base over ten years.

Several more websites on which I used to rely to promote my businesses are now shut down permanently.

Last year, there was one website we used to explode sales on a number of books. That train has completely left the station, and it isn't coming back.

More important than where to promote your books is how to promote your books in a way that will have a long-term impact on your sales.

THIS is what best-selling authors know that you should know also...

Introducing Bill Platt's
"Easy Book Promotion Mastery"
Here Is What You Will Find Inside

Within this PDF, I tackle:

The Benefits Of This Approach
Far Exceeds a One-Week Sales Boost

If you have done book promotions in the past, you might have noticed that many will produce a rush of new sales, but eventually sales will taper back to nothing...

Even if I make enough money from the promotion to cover my advertising costs, I feel that if my sales drop back to zero, then I will have almost wasted my time and money...

You want to put a fire under book consumers to buy your books and keep buying them...

You want to spark consistent book sales over the long-term...

You want to become a recognized author who people talk about...

You want to be on the tip of people's tongue when someone asks about recommended books in your sub-genre...

Inside "Easy Book Promotion Mastery", you will learn how you can do these things for your books too...

My last book sold 945 copies in its first month as an Amazon Best Seller... The one previous to that sold 738 copies in its first month on Amazon... Both cracked Amazon's Top 500 Books List...

There is a method to this kind of madness...

You Are Just Moments Away From Discovering
What Best-Selling Book Authors Already Know

Once you understand what best-selling authors understand, you will be better prepared to do the same for your books...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any upsells?

A: No. There is only the single PDF.

Q: What genres are best served by this training?

A: This training will help anyone who writes and publishes books. I have included specific sections for fiction, nonfiction, and activity books including coloring books.

Q: What format is this information delivered?

A: PDF format. No videos. No additional documents.

Q: What about that specific resource you are sharing? Is it really a free resource?

A: Yes. It has one option that is 100% free. It also has three paid options. All four book promotion options could be really valuable to authors who take advantage of them.

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There is no need for either of us to be ugly about this. If you are not satisfied with this product, simply ask for a refund and allow me time to process your refund.

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