Market Your Books Like a Pro with Book Video Trailers

This video details the three most important steps in marketing your books online… No matter the marketing method you use to promote your books…

The most important goals that you need to achieve with a potential buyer include:

  1. Winning the attention of those people who are most likely to buy your books.
  2. Hold the attention of the reader long enough to convince them to keep reading your sales copy.
  3. Answer for the reader, “How will the reader benefit from owning your book?”

In other words, you must present your offer to the people who are most likely to purchase your offer.

Then you must be able to hold the attention of your prospective buyer long enough for them to read all of the pertinent information about your offer/product/book.

And, you must show the prospective buyer how they will benefit from owning your book… With fiction, you need to suck them into your story… With non-fiction, you will want to focus on how your reader will benefit from reading your book.

No matter the product we are trying to sell, these three steps apply to the sales process in all cases.

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