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Dear Author,

You are reading this page, because you have been really disappointed with your book sales.

You believe you have written a book that is far better than most of the books written by your competitors, but you also recognize that your book sales still stink.

You have put up a beautiful cover and a strong title, but sales are just trickling in for your book.

You have told people about your book, but still there is nothing but crickets.

As a result, you have been pounding your head against the wall trying to figure out what you need to do different to actually get people to buy your book.

And if you are like most new authors, you are probably sitting there thinking that your book just isn't good enough to make money.

But that is most likely the furthest thing from the truth...

How Much Time & Effort Have You Wasted
Writing a Book No One Seems to Want to Buy?
It's Almost Enough To Make You Consider Giving Up

Yes, it sucks to know that you have spent so much time and energy to create a book that people would love to read, a book that your friends and family said was really interesting and fun to read, and then to see no one actually buying it.

The pain is so real that it is almost like someone gut-punched you to wake you up to the fact that no one cares that you have put so much effort into writing your book.

Remember the excitement that you felt right after you published your book?

Do you remember checking your sales statistics every hour on the hour to see how many books you have sold so far?

Do you remember the disappointment you felt in seeing 0 sales, hour after hour, day after day?

It was so disheartening that you eventually started checking your stats once a day, then once a week, then once per month.

When was the last time you have actually checked your sales statistics for your books?

Here Is What Should Seriously
Scare The Crap Out Of You!

If you do nothing to change the trajectory for your book, then your book will die the slow painful death of anonymity.

If you do nothing, your book will continue to sit on Amazon selling only a few copies per month.

If you do nothing, you will never again feel that excitement that you did the day that you published your book for the very first time.

If you do nothing, or keep doing what you have done until now, you will never again feel the excitement and anticipation for your potential as a book author.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things
over and over and expecting to get different results.

The good news is that you don't have to accept failure as your life's reward...

I've just finished reading Hypnotic Book Descriptions. It is fantastic. Clear, sound, direction. I am soooo glad I bought this from you and will implement as soon as possible.

Just wanted to know you are an easy to understand writer. Thanks so much.

--- Donna Patterson
If You Are Willing To Do Just One Thing Different
You Can Start Turning Failure Into Success Today!

It does not matter whether you are writing fiction, nonfiction or any other kind of book...

What you are going to learn today is going to put you in the driver's seat as a book author.

You are going to learn how to practically FORCE readers to hit the BUY button to purchase your books.

To steal a phrase from Donald Trump, "You are going to be so tired of winning." :)

Because, Here Is The Thing...

People are so predictable.

When you know how to push the right buttons, people are going to be willing to beat the crap out of each other in the shopping mall to get your book.

There is nothing sleazy about giving people exactly what they want... And then giving them an opportunity to become emotionally invested in and emotionally committed to reading your book.

The fact is that no one is going to be mad at you for helping them to see that they should have a burning desire to read your book, unless your book just seriously sucks...

No one is going to think of you like a slimy used car salesman.

Instead, people are going to be excited that they found your book, and they are going to want to dig into your book as quickly as possible.

What you are going to learn in this training is how to create anticipation, in the minds of readers -- an anticipation that will practically force people to buy your book NOW, without looking at reviews or shopping your competition first.

People are going to be looking forward to reading your book. Not some day. Not next month. Not next week. Not even tomorrow.

People are going to be so excited about your book that they will want to start reading it NOW!

Are You Finally Ready To
See YOUR Books Selling Well?

Wouldn't it be nice for a change to:

Being a successful self-published author begins with finding new buyers and selling more books...

You Only Need To Make One Change

You are only going to need to dedicate less than one hour to each book you have listed for sale on Amazon.

And once you have invested the time and Amazon has approved your changes, then you could start seeing new sales right away!

"You are going to be so tired of winning." :)

I bought Bill Platt's booklet on writing good descriptions with effective key words. I changed all my Amazon descriptions and the sales increased dramatically.

--- Kathryn Colvig
Incredible product. Use it all the time.

--- Richard G Lowe Jr.

You Have Only One Chance
To Get Someone To Click
The BUY Button On Your Book

Are you ready and willing to change the one thing about your book that really needed to be changed a long time ago?

Are you ready to learn from AN EXPERT how to take something that seems so difficult and make it super-easy to do?

Are you ready to take the chance that I might actually be able to teach you how to get customers so excited about your books that they don't even need to read the reviews before they hit the BUY button?

Would you be shocked to learn that I have done this many times before? Or that people pay me to do this for them?

Would you be at all surprised that I have been able to increase the sales of my books by as much as 550%, literally adding tens of thousands of dollars to my income, by changing just one thing?

Bill Platt's "Hypnotic Book Descriptions" is the most helpful resource I've come across for writing fiction and non-fiction book descriptions.

Other courses I've taken have given a few examples of what a good book description looks like. But Bill goes a step further and explains the psychology behind each element of a killer back cover description, so you understand why one description works and another doesn't.

He also details the three emotional hooks that cause people to buy books, and how to use them. If you're publishing anything on Amazon, you NEED this course right now.

--- Lynn Johnston
Introducing Bill Platt's
"Hypnotic Book Descriptions"

Within this PDF training guide, I am going to teach you "why people buy books," "how to speak to your readers needs," and three proven methods for writing book descriptions that sell books.

  1. I am going to teach you the three steps to writing a fiction book description. This method is so powerful that people will be so excited and confident about buying your book, they will skip reading the reviews on their way to the BUY button.

  2. I am going to teach you the seven steps necessary to write a nonfiction book description that will convince readers that your book deserves to be in their personal library.

  3. I am going to teach you the one thing that makes your book an essential purchase, no matter the book genre, whether your book is a fiction, nonfiction or an activity book, such as journals, puzzle books or coloring books.

Within "Hypnotic Book Descriptions"
You Are Going To Learn How To
Touch All Readers On An Emotional Level

In case you did not know, nearly all buying decisions are the result of an EMOTIONAL DECISION made by the customer.

Through this training, you are going to learn how to capture the emotional attention of your readers, and how to lead people to making an emotional commitment to purchase and read your book.

Once you have captured your reader's attention, there are certain things you must do to get those people emotionally attached to your content.

When the reader is emotionally attached and emotionally committed to buying your book, you wouldn't be able to beat those people off with a stick.

They are going to buy your books, no matter what.

I am going to show you how to sell your books on speed dial...

Honestly, I seriously doubt you will ever get tired of winning. ;)

Delivery Format

This product is delivered in two PDF files.

You will be pleased to know that the main part of the training is provided in a 52-page PDF, with loads of real-world examples and step-by-step instructions.

The second PDF includes more than one thousand words that will help you write a better book description, organized by the type of emotion you would like to elicit from your reader.

Are You Finally Ready To See
Your Books FLYING OFF The Shelves?

If you can commit yourself to making ONE SIMPLE CHANGE, then you should definitely get started with this training right away.

I am not going to tell you to spend any money on advertising.

I am not going to tell you to change your book cover or anything inside your book.

I am simply going to ask you to read this PDF training, and then write your book descriptions in the way that I advise you to do.

Here is why you will want to get your hands on a copy of this outstanding training right now:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide that this training guide does not live up to the promises I have made for it, then please ask for a refund of the money you paid for the product.

Simply send me an email to *support ~at~*, to request your refund.

Please allow me up to 72 hours to process your refund, as I do occasionally have a life outside the Internet.

Also be advised that if you file a dispute with PayPal, instead of giving me a chance to process your refund directly, my Money-Back Guarantee will become null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute with the intention of winning the dispute.

There is no need for either of us to be ugly about this. If you are not satisfied with this product, simply ask for a refund and allow me time to process your refund.

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I truly believe that this product is worth far more than what I am going to ask you to pay for it.

But after much consideration, I have decided to keep the price low, so that more people could afford to purchase this training.

If in the future you decide to purchase other products I produce, then a lower price now will have been a good investment in your future and mine.

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