Do You Struggle as a Fiction Author?
When You Learn How To Tell Your Stories,
People Will Remember What You Wrote...
"What Is In The Box?"
"What Is In The Freaking Box?"


At a certain point in our writing careers, we all ask, "What makes truly great writers great?"

We ask that question, because deep down inside, we realize that we are missing the "something special" that makes some authors famous, while we struggle to find our writing voices.

We endeavor to create stories that will get our books noticed in the marketplace and deliver to us the commercial success we strongly desire.

We wrestle with how to put together the words on a page to leave our readers breathless with anticipation as to what will come next.

The all-important question of "what we are missing," often leads to a conflict in our own minds...

It causes us to question our own abilities - to question whether we should keep trying to create good art or whether we should quit trying to write a book and focus on our day jobs instead.

It propels us into a world of self-loathing and self-doubt.

It leads us to deny those things we do well, and it steals our ambition and motivation to keep moving forward.

It robs us of our confidence as authors, and it makes us question every word we put to the page.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way for you...

NO ONE Was Born With Writing Talent

Sometimes it seems like other authors just come out of nowhere, and they start creating successful books without the struggle we often feel ourselves...

However, it is an illusion that a "lucky few" people were born with writing talent.

What we never see is the half-written stories, poorly-written stories, the drafts chunked in the trash can, or the first dozen drafts of the story we fell in love with when we finally read it.

As storytellers, we have all had to learn our trade, practice, improve our skills, learn some more, rinse and repeat, then just keep going until we started seeing the success we wanted to achieve.

Success never comes easily, but it always comes to those of us who dedicate ourselves to our goals.

We Failed Early & We Failed Often...
Now We Earn Our Living as Writers

My name is Bill Platt. Britt Malka and I understand the challenges many authors face when they sit down to write.

We both failed early and failed often, while we worked very hard to learn how become better writers and how to produce the kinds of books people would be happy to purchase.

We learned. We practiced. We failed. We learned some more. We kept trying to get better and to find our place in the world of literature.

Eventually, we learned how to make our living as writers - as book authors.

We have several decades of writing experience, between us, and for most of the last decade, we have been teaching other book authors how to do what we do.

Between Britt and I, we have produced dozens of training guides for book authors, while continuing to publish our own books on the Amazon platform.

People Who Read Fiction Books WANT
To Go on an Exciting & Emotional Journey

People who buy and read fiction books want to:

It is all about the emotional journey your readers can take with the characters in your story.

Readers want to EXPERIENCE YOUR BOOK, as if they are standing right next to the characters in your story.

People want to feel the same emotions the characters in your book feel, as if they were watching their best friend in the world go through the events defined in your fiction books.

They want to be able to recognize how a person is feeling, without having to ask that person how they are feeling.

My ex-wife has people who she has been friends with for thirty years.

She seems to know intuitively how those people are feeling and what might be going on in their lives to cause them to feel the way they do.

Her intuition lets her know how people are feeling - just from a word, the tone of voice, or a simple gesture.

^^^ THIS is how readers want to be able to see the characters in your fiction stories.

People don't want to be TOLD what your characters are thinking and feeling...

People want to be SHOWN what the characters are feeling and thinking during the course of the journey laid out in the pages of your books.

Introducing "The Hemingway Approach"

Delivered inside of a 39-page PDF,
"The Hemingway Approach" will teach you
how to write emotionally-powerful stories
that will SHOW readers what is happening.

There Are NO REFUNDS On This Offer.

Here Is The Really Exciting Bit...
You Don't Need To Rewrite Your Books...
You ONLY Need To Tweak What You've Already Written

Hemingway was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1953) and the Nobel Prize in Literature (1954), one quarter century after he began publishing books.

Six decades later, we continue to see Hemingway's influence in some of the more popular stories being told in the modern age.

Inside of the pages of this fiction writing guide, we detail one of Brad Pitt's most memorable roles to demonstrate one of Hemingway's three keys to writing mind-blowing scenes in fiction stories.

We demonstrate and explain:

"The Hemingway Approach" Could
Make You a Much Better Storyteller
& Change Your Life for the Better

When you start writing the kinds of books people love to read, you will find the work becomes much easier...

It makes the job of writing the book easier...

It makes the job of finding an audience much simpler...

It helps you to grow as a writer...

It helps you to achieve other goals that you have not yet dared to dream...

The beauty of it is:

You simply need to put one foot in front of the other and make a decision to learn how to become a better storyteller.

You need to set aside time to learn, and you need to set aside time to practice.

Then, you need to put into your stories the new skills that you have learned...

It is decision time...

Decide now to make this investment in yourself, so that you can learn the skills you need to take you to the next level in your writing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there any up-sells?

A1: There are five optional up-sells offered.

  1. "Show, Don't Tell - Sometimes" ($19.95) - Inside this 21-page PDF, Britt Malka details how to effectively use facial expressions & body language to "Show, Don't Tell" and to demonstrate a wide-range of emotions. She also provides plenty of examples of how to show and when you should tell instead of show.
    {Originally Published: 2016. Regular Price: $27}
  2. "Inspired Fiction: How To Use Pre-Written Fiction Plots to Inspire Great Storytelling" ($19.95) - This 37-page PDF instructs you how to use pre-written fiction plots in a way that will explode your creativity and make you a better storyteller.
    {Originally Published: 2014. Regular Price: $27}
  3. "Writing Romance Fiction for Women & for Men" ($19.95) - Women make up the bulk of the audience for romance-fiction stories, but a number of men also enjoy reading the genre. It is important to understand the distinctions of "what women want" and "what men want" in romance stories. This 33-page PDF will walk you through the intricasies of writing romance for the appropriate audiences.
    {Originally Published: 2014. Regular Price: $27}
  4. "5,055 Romance Related Amazon Keywords" ($97) - This list contains actual keywords people type into Amazon when they are looking for romance-genre books to purchase.
    {Originally Compiled: June 2019.}
  5. "2,000 Romance Related Amazon Keywords" ($47) - If you get the 5,055 Keyword offer, shown above, you will not see this offer. This offer contains the same keywords, just not as many keywords.
    {Originally Compiled: June 2019.}

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Read this page again if you need to do so.

Be confident in the decision you are getting ready to make.

Then make your purchase.

Once you have read the training, implement what you have learned.

Start writing the books we both know you are capable of producing.

Get Your Copy Of
"The Hemingway Approach"

As stated previously,
this training is delivered
inside one 39-page PDF.

There Are NO REFUNDS On This Offer.


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