Are You Sick & Tired Of Your Books
Being Ignored On The Amazon Website?
What If You Could Legally & Ethically
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Do you remember the excitement you once felt when you went to publish your first book on Amazon?

Do you remember how gleeful you were that all of your hard work writing was about to pay off in a big way?

How long did it take for the shine to start to wear away?

It is like a shot to the gut when your book goes live, and you have to go buy a copy for yourself to confirm that Amazon's sales reporting system is working the way it is supposed to work.

Then you ask a friend to buy a copy of your book, just so that you can be confident that Amazon isn't cheating you out of sales?

It finally hits you square between the eyes that no one is buying your book, and the unease starts to set in, when you begin to doubt why you ever thought that you could write books that people would want to read.

Some people will make a small investment of cash into Facebook ads, hoping those ads might turn around sales, all the time ignoring the obnoxious sound of a flushing toilet as that money leaves their wallets for the last time.

It is at this point where many new authors make their biggest mistake...

Inexperienced authors will often assume that the problem is their book...


Let me be clear...

If people have not yet read your book, and no one has reviewed your book, the problem is NOT your book...

The Problem Is That
No One Has Seen Your Book

Adding salt to the wound, we sometimes go to Amazon and look at the top books in our categories, and we notice some really poorly written books selling more copies in an hour, than we have sold in a month.

A few years ago, there was a series of books that set the people in online author communities on fire.

Some authors laughed, and many got mad...

How could these two "book authors" write such shoddy books -- filled with wacky tales of dinosaur erotica -- and have sold enough copies to be the ranked as the 11th and 12th most successful authors on Amazon?

Not only was the concept abhorrent to "respectable book authors," but there was a certain amount of envy and anger that these two "clown authors" were making more money than we were! :)

If I were a betting man, and I sometimes am, I would put money on the table that the only reason these two authors went superstar is because people like me where purchasing their books to try to understand what people saw in those books.

Shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I did purchase three of their 99 cent books for the reason I stated in the previous paragraph. And, I am not any wiser for having done so. :)

Here Is The Real Problem...

No one has seen your books yet, and you have absolutely no idea how to get your books in front of the people who might actually want to purchase them.

Seventeen years ago, I had the same problem...

But, I learned how to get my work in front of the people who would want to give me money to keep doing what I was doing.

If you want to do the same for your books, then you need to keep reading...

It Is Not That Amazon Hates You,
They Just Barely Know You Exist

As far as Amazon is concerned, you are just a number...

Your books are just a few hundred extra megabytes of space on one of the thousands of hard-drives they have in their server room.

Amazon will do SOME things to help your books be found more often, but only when your books hit the sales targets they specify within their software algorithms.

If your book sells enough copies, they are willing to give you mention in the best seller lists for your categories.

If your book and another book shares similar customers, they might put your book in the "Also Bought" list for the other book.

If your newest book sells a lot of copies in very short order, they might share your book in the "New Releases" list, where your book may stay for a few days or weeks.

Like it or not, the books that receive the most exposure on Amazon are those books with a solid track record for sales.

Amazon doesn't have a horse in the race as to which books they want their customers to buy, because they make money on all the books they sell.

So they have no incentive to value one book over another, unless the sales numbers tell them they should do so.

Here Is What You Must
Understand About Amazon

Amazon actually ONLY promotes the books that make them money...

Amazon's software algorithms are designed to identify the items making the most money at any point in time and to let their customers know about those items.

If you want Amazon to promote your book more directly, your book needs to have a proven track record for actual sales...

OR, you could max your credit cards purchasing ads on the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform...

Jeff Bezos started Amazon, so he could become rich. Given that he is worth $120 billion, that worked out well for him.

Bezos did not start Amazon to help unknown authors to become rich and famous, although many of them have become rich and famous due to their relationship with Amazon.

You Are at a Significant Disadvantage

Amazon is happy to help books with a proven track record for sales...

But, if you are a new author, you don't have a track record of sales...

And if your book is new, then your book doesn't have a track record of sales yet...

The challenge has always been...

What If You Could Legally & Ethically
FORCE Amazon to do Your Bidding and
Send More Buyer Traffic To Your Books?
Without Ever Charging You A Dime To Do So?

What if you really could advertise all of your books for FREE on the Amazon platform?

What if you could get your book or author advertisements on some of the most-visited pages on the Amazon website?

What if you could get your book advertisements on pages where the top-ranked books in your genres are already displayed?

What if you could set the stage to get hundreds or thousands of Amazon's customers looking at and considering all of your books on Amazon, without you having to pull out your wallet to pay for advertising?

What if you could capture and hold prime book promotion real estate inside of Amazon for many years to come?

I know these are BOLD PROMISES, but they are promises I can keep.

Every conversation with Bill Platt is an education. And I don't have time to implement half of the things he has taught me yet. The ones I have been able to implement have directly increased my income.

--- Lynn Johnston, Fiction Author and Fiction Writing Instructor

This Book Promotion Method Is...
Free. Legal. Ethical. Effective.

What you are going to learn inside of "Breadcrumb Book Promotion" is not the result of some loophole that Amazon is going to close at some point in the future.

This is an opportunity that is not going to disappear in the future, because we are making a point to do exactly what Amazon wants us to do.

Amazon wants us to take advantage of this opportunity to use their website to get FREE advertising for our books.

This method is:

The more often you take advantage of this opportunity, the more FREE exposure your books will receive.

And as you see your sales begin to climb, it is a system you will want to use again and again.

I bought this today, and would never have thought of it!

--- Rosana Hart

This Is Not What You Would Normally
Think Of As Being Book Promotion

Once you understand what we are doing here, you might be smacking yourself in the forehead, asking why you never thought of this before...

It is so easy, and it won't even feel like you are actually doing book promotion...

To make this work for you:

For probably the first time in your life, you will be doing a book promotion activity, without feeling sleezy about doing it...

The time has come for Amazon to GIVE our books a fighting chance to find new customers and more book sales.

And the time has come for you to get up to speed on this book promotion method and put it to work promoting your books for FREE on the Amazon website.

Introducing Bill Platt's
"Breadcrumb Book Promotions"

Pick up your copy of this incredible 31-page PDF training, by clicking the image below...

The Time Has Come For You To
Make Amazon Work For You

After months or years of you trying to figure out how to get some much needed attention for your books, from Amazon's customers, you are now on the verge of figuring it out.

You have written a good book or several good books.

Now, the time has finally come for people to give your books the kind of attention they truly deserve...

It is time to FORCE Amazon to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD between your books and those books that have huge promotion budgets.

Within this 31-page PDF, you will learn:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this related to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) paid advertising?

A1: No. This does not have anything to do with AMS. You will not be required to actually pay for these ads or this exposure.

Q2: Is this really and truly a free method to advertise my books within the Amazon website?

A2: Yes it is.

Every time you set up one of these ads for your author name or your books, you will not be asked to pay Amazon any money.

Q3: What genres of books does this support?

A3: This is a system that can be used to promote your author name or your books.

This process can be used to promote fiction books, nonfiction books, kid's books, cookbooks, activity books, puzzle books, coloring books, journals, diaries, planners...

I could have taken that list further, but I was running out of ideas about what genres to mention... LOL This system will work for any kind of book you can imagine to create and publish.

Q4: Are there any up-sells?

A4: Yes, there are four.

Although everything you will need to put this method to work for you is included in the main training, there are additional strategies you can employ to get even more exposure for you, as an author, and for your books.

UPSELL #1 - "Breadcrumb Multiplication Method" ($17) In this PDF, I am going to show you how to increase your effectiveness using this methodology by 10-fold, by explaining how to create multiple variants of the same basic setup.

UPSELL #2 - "Breadcrumb Book Promotion Accelerator" ($17) In this PDF, I am going to show you 19 proven techniques you can use to maximize your return using this process. In effect, this training shows you how to take the basic concept and make it work even better.

UPSELL #3 - "Hypnotic Book Descriptions" ($17) This is one of my older products, which will teach you how to write a more effective book description. This training covers how to create better book descriptions for fiction authors, nonfiction authors, and anyone who publishes activity books, puzzle books, or coloring books.

This product has been discounted 37% from its normal price.

UPSELL #4 - "Advanced Book Marketing for Starving Authors" ($17) This is also an older product. It demonstrates how to lay down a net to capture the interest of more people and get them looking at your books. It will show you a number of free resources that you can use, many of which you are probably already aware. Then it goes on to explain how to send waves of potential customers to look at and purchase your books.

This product has also been discounted 37% from its normal price.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide that this training guide does not live up to the promises I have made for it, then please ask for a refund of the money you paid for the product.

Simply send me an email to *support ~at~*, to request your refund.

Please allow me up to 72 hours to process your refund, as I do occasionally have a life outside the Internet.

Also be advised that if you file a dispute with PayPal, instead of giving me a chance to process your refund directly, my Money-Back Guarantee will become null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute with the intention of winning the dispute.

There is no need for either of us to be ugly about this. If you are not satisfied with this product, simply ask for a refund and allow me time to process your refund.

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